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Welcome to our Smokehouse

"Old Fashion Recipes, Handcrafted in Small Batches"

Coming Soon: Kabanosy "Polish Slim Jim" smoked meat stick
May 2015 
OPEN: FRI., SAT., SUN. Memorial Day Weekend!
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Our Meats & Cheeses are Smoked Onsite!
(Stop by & check out our Smokehouse)
Pepper & Garlic RUBBED Smoked Bacon! 

Country Smoked & Brown Sugar Cured Boneless,
Thick Cut Pork Chops! Fully Cooked"
Smoked Onsite!

Hickory Smoked Slab & Sliced Bacon
Smoked Onsite! 

Now Also Available by the Wheel 
(Call for Wholesale Pricing)
Smoked Onsite!

USDA EXOTIC Meats, including Venison Sausages (must preorder)
Hickory Hill Smokehouse is a small business located in rural western Schenectady County, New York. Only 20 minutes west of Rotterdam and 20 minutes south of Amsterdam. Our processing facility is New York State licensed and inspected. All our meats are handcrafted and naturally smoked onsite using hickory wood chips. We use only the finest and freshest cuts of USDA meats to make our Smoked & Fresh Pork Sausages, Bacon, Smoked Pork Chops, Smoked Ham & Beef Jerky.

Our naturally smoked cheese is handcut from the highest quality cheeses, including aged X-Sharp New York State Cheddar, Imported Gouda, & aged Danish Blue Cheese. Once smoked the cheeses are vacuum packaged in convienent sizes of approximately 8 oz. 

SPECIAL: OUR OWN "Thick Cut" Hickory Smoked BACON $8.99/lb AND Slab Bacon $7.99/lb available! WHOLE Slabs available by special order (10-12 LB average) 

SPECIAL: OUR OWN Famous Hickory Smoked Polish Kielbasa with lots of garlic!  Smoked onsite! No MSG, Fillers or Binders!! SALE: $5.99/lb 
SPECIAL: OUR OWN All Natural Fresh Italian Rope Sausage with Cheese & Fresh Parsley! SALE: $5.99/lb Lots of CHEESE & fresh PARSLEY added!  

SPECIAL: OUR OWN Smoked Boneless Thick-cut Juicy Pork Chops! Brown Sugar cured, Fully Cooked just heat and serve! Only $6.99/lb 

Ground Beef from LOCAL farm-raised Beef! ALL NATURAL, no antibiotics or hormones! Approximately one pound packages (frozen) Only $5.99/lb 

(NEW) SPECIAL: OUR OWN Fresh German Bratwurst links. AWESOME flavor with a hint of FRESH onion! Only $5.99/lb

 OUR OWN Southern Style Breakfast Sausage with lots of Sage & hint of crushed red-pepper! (Link or BULK) Only $5.99/LB 

SPECIAL: OUR OWN - HILLBILLY Smoked Beef Jerky, and BBQ Beef Jerky. Approximately $8-$9.50/bag

SPECIAL: Our Own "Miracle BBQ Rub" Great on Pork, Beef, Chicken,as well as add to Soups, and added to burger meat!

NEW: Basil Pesto, Our own ALL NATURAL pesto made from fresh basil & herbs, "real butter" & extra virgin olive oil. No nuts! Award winning recipe! 8 oz container only $7.99 

BAUER'S MUSTARD All NATURAL with Horseradish - only   $3.99/jar - made in New York! 
BOEJTE MUSTARD, Stone Ground, All NATURAL, Hot & Spicy - only $3.99/jar 
We ship most of our products throughout the continental USA. Meats require special overnight shipping & packaging. Please contact us directly if you would like any of our meat products shipped. Prices subject to change without notice.

Hickory Hill Smokehouse is continually exploring different products to offer our customers. Your comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. 

From our smokehouse to your table...





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